Flexibility and Lightness
New Design

The body is made of the strongest aluminum alloy and is designed to withstand water and dust.
Safe and reliable verification method
Your fingerprint is your password. Fingerprint ID technology brings a new way of unlocking and verification in security and privacy.
Touch fingerprint sensor
Self-developed CPU-Nokelock chip is placed in a small space with extreme speed processing. Compared with smart locks in the market, it make it true to unlock in second.
Get Ready for the future
O2 is with bluetooth 4.0 communication technology。 Nokelock APP take full advantage of this technology to make it connect and unlock in second . There is no need to wait in the future, just start to get it.
物联锁App是助你在 O2 上尽情施展的强大应用程序,你可以在应用市场或App Store里直接搜索到它。而在物联锁APP上你可以浏览使用有关该设备的所有信息和功能,内容包括指纹添加、分享设备、开锁记录、分享记录等 。这一切,都让 O2 登上一个新的高峰。